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  1. Med-Fit 1 TENS Machine Dual Channel and easy to use TENS

    Old Price: £43.14 £25.96 Incl vat

    SKU : MED-FIT1

  2. Med-Fit 3 Digital Dual Channel TENS Machine

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  3. Premier TENS Machine and Muscle Stimulator fully rechargeable with 30 Clinically Validated Programmes

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    SKU : EM-6300P

  4. Med-Fit Dual Channel TENS Machine & Muscle Stimulator with 24 Built in Programmes - Now with 16 Electrodes

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    SKU : EV806

  5. Med-Fit 2 Wireless Dual Channel TENS & Neuromuscular Stimulator

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    SKU : EV2

  6. Premier Professional TENS Machine and Muscle Stimulator fully rechargeable and fully adjustable

    Old Price: £79.90 £67.90 Incl vat

    SKU : EM-6300-A

  7. Total Tone Pelvic Floor and Continence Stimulator

    Old Price: £95.94 £49.00 Incl vat

    SKU : EM2400

  8. Med-Fit Wireless TENS Machine – Total Body Pain Relief

    Old Price: £131.15 £77.00 Incl vat

    SKU : HD01

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9 Items

The Dual Channel TENS unit is a highly versatile Tens unit for home, work or travel. The machine is known to provide relief from pain without the need for a prescription. Dual channel functionality allows users to surround pain with dual sets of electrode pads while the six presets and six additional programs can treat your body effectively.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and especially used to alleviate pain. The tens machine works instantly in delivering targeted pain relief for 30 minutes in different intensities that make you feel comfortable. It can relieve shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, leg pain, and joint pain efficiently along with different aches.

TENS is consistently recommended by all kinds of doctors and physiotherapists who treat athletes constantly, even getting rid of their pain regularly. In the UK, these machines are popular at home and in different places, where the body strain is severe. The TENS Dual Channel Digital Pain Reliever sends electrical signals into the body through gel pads that are applied to the body especially around the pain afflicted area.

The unit manages to block pain signals, which are transmitted from damaged area through the nerve fibers directly to the brain. The blocking of pain signals helps the person to alleviate pain and feel better. The unit also generates the body endorphins – our natural painkillers – so that the body feels less pain throughout.