Top 5 Benefits when using a Tens Machines

By Med-Fit UK Content Team  .  Last Updated Saturday, 10th September 2022

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, commonly known as TENS machines, has gained popularity among various age groups. These devices are widely utilized for purposes such as pain relief, enhancing blood circulation, and numerous other benefits. Discover the versatility and effectiveness of TENS machines for your well-being.

The small portable devices are highly effective for a mixture of different conditions, naming a few common problems:

  • Neck Pain: Pain in the neck that could be a result of spondylitis, overstraining or other possible conditions. 
  • Back Pain: Pain felt in the upper or lower areas of the back.
  • Arthritis: The Tens Machines work across different types of arthritis pains, commonly used for the joints and those restricted in movement due to pain.
  • Sciatica: A pain or discomfort associated with sciatica nerve. This runs down from the lower back and buttocks, eventually making its way into the back of the legs to feet and toes.
  • Fibromyalgia

So how do TENS devices work?

TENS machines are designed to deliver targeted muscle stimulation and alleviate pain caused by injuries and muscle spasms. These devices use electrical currents to stimulate the muscles, triggering the brain to release endorphins, which act as natural pain relievers.

Furthermore, the electrical currents disrupt the transmission of pain signals to the brain, amplifying the healing effects of endorphins in the affected area. Discover the benefits of TENS machines and experience natural pain relief and accelerated healing.

What are the 5 Top benefits of Tens Machines

  1. Fantastic for Pain Relief – Those who are suffering from pain, once the electrodes are placed in the correct areas it will not take long before the Tens Machine begins working it’s magic. For users that suffer from chronic pains, instant relief from Tens units can be quite rare.

  2. No Side Effects – People who choose to take steroids or other anti-inflammatory medications may notice side effects, which can be awful. Such medication may provide pain relief but come at a cost and some side effects can further worsen the patient’s conditions. Tens Machines do not come with any side effects whatsoever, which makes this type of treatment far safer.

  3. Affordable – Tens Units used to be awfully expensive, especially when they were not very portable. Unlike those machines, Tens are now available to everyone. Tens Machines come at a mixture of different prices (£25 - £100) and these all comes with different programs.

  4. Massages – If you wish to go a step beyond Tens Machines, you can aim at buying the combined TENS and EMS devices. These have options with inbuilt messaging giving the user additional advantages, changing the settings on the remote device which turns into a massager with different speeds. These devices help loosen the muscles and reduce the pain.

  5. Long use of the device – There should be no fear of addiction. Tens units can be used for long periods of time without any worry – only if safety precautions are kept. Every time there is a sensation of pain, the device can be used without any side effects for as long as you feel comfortable using it.