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Electric Muscle Stimulators

EMS machines send an electrical current through the body to stimulate muscles effectively.

Muscles contract in response to the electrical signals dispatched by the brain and EMS machines creates similar impulses, to contract the muscles intuitively.

Differences Between EMS and a TENS Machine:

An Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) machine possesses the capacity to contract muscles with the help of electrical current passing through the same. An EMS machine help in strengthening muscles and although it does offer some amount of pain relief, just as the TENS machine, it is not the primary purpose.

Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) may help you strengthen weak muscles. The EMS can work on your muscle to contract it to the maximum, although about 30% of all muscle fibers contract at any given point in time. The remaining 70% muscle fibers are usually dormant and only used when the other fibers suffer from fatigue.

With EMS, you can potentially stimulate these dormant muscle fibers to increase strength. Clinically, EMS is nearly more effective when the muscles especially are weak and you have difficulty while doing exercises.

EMS also works as an improvement tool for driving the speed of motor unit activation. This contraction pattern is etched as your "memory engram". Once your muscles are recruited often, your body continues to find the swiftest way to recruit those muscles. EMS can drive repeated contractions to accelerate this process.

Consult your local physiotherapist who knows EMS muscle retraining before using an EMS machine.

Tips to Use Muscle Stimulators:

  1. Target One Muscle Group at Any Point in Time: Muscle Stimulator can focus on one muscle group at any given point of time, so don’t use the EMS on all parts of the body including quads, biceps, chest and the back.
  2. Do One Limb at a Time: Stimulate your limb muscles, targeting them one at a time, without working on both limbs. Doing both limbs at a time reduces the current passing through the muscles
  3. Keep the Muscle Relaxed: You want the muscle to be at rest, with no stress or tension.
  4. Don’t Stimulate All Muscles Simultaneously: Every muscle has an antagonist muscle that pulls when the other pushes. One contracts when the other relaxes just like biceps are the antagonists of triceps. So target biceps with EMS but never target the triceps simultaneously. Work them at separate points of time.
  5. Place the Electrode Pads Accurately: If you get the electrode pads wrong, you’re bound to negate results. It is important to follow the EMS machine’s instructions.
  6. Don’t Skip Warming Up Before Using the EMS: Don’t use the EMS on a cold muscle without warming them up first. Use gentle, short contractions to get those muscles and their tissues ready for some powerful stimulations from the EMS. Hot showers help as a “pre-warm-up” tactic too.

To learn more about muscle stimulators, find out more here

Do Muscle Stimulators burn fat?

Muscle Stimulation devices have very little research that are directly linked around weight loss solely, however the tech involved is often associated with weight reduction in customers but this is usually paired with exercising. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulators do in fact help increase the general blood flow to the muscles during exercise - this is when the device is being used during the workout. 

This type of therapy is called electrotherapy and this type of therapy can help athletes or gym-goers recover much faster, train just as hard and more consistently throughout their regime. During this process users can infact lose weight and tone muscle far quicker with an electrical stimulation device. 

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