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When purchasing TENS units from TENS Machine UK, you will witness a number of tens unit electrode, or “pads” that come with the unit. Every unit consists of a specific number of tens electrodes, with varying shapes and sizes too, based on the description of the unit you buy.

Some manufacturers opt for the standard market size and shape that helps in interchangeability between units. Some opt for specialist tens unit pads too.

TENS Machine UK presents several replacement TENS Electrode with the surge in alternate usable pads that have reduced price variance. Opt for TENS units the tens pads can be disposed of and replaced from time to time.

What are Tens Unit Pads or Electrodes?

Tens Electrode are self-adhesive electrodes that are used to connect with the pain center in the brain. The number of pads on these units vary.

Tips to Place the Tens Unit Electrodes:

  • Place the tens electrodes on either side of the pain inflicted area

  • Activate the unit based on instructions

  • The TENS electrodes should be placed between half an inch to one and a half-inch from the main pain area for the best results.

  • After a specific time, peel the electrodes away from the skin

  • Do not pull the pads by the wire, or it can damage electrodes or the attached electrical connection.

The tens pads should be applied to clean, dry skin. They can be used for varied applications. However, one should use them efficiently for prolonging its life.

Tens Machine UK sells high-quality, long-lasting self-adhesive electrodes that are available with a range of sizes in pads. All tens electrodes are packed in reusable sealed packs. Multi-Stick Gel Pads include hydrogel that is known for its secure adhesion and performance.

Changing TENS Unit pads – When and How?

To put it simply, one can change the pads when they do not stick to the skin. If you use the pads often, it is evident that the changing of pads will often be. It all boils down to the conditions in which it is used.

It is recommended the skin on the pain afflicted area needs to be cleaned with soap and water and dried thoroughly. Use the TENS unit only after the skin is completely dried. Do not get the Tens unit replacement pads wet, owing to sweat or damp conditions. If the pads are subjected to witness, the adhesive properties are bound to get lost sooner than expected and need to be replaced. Allow your skin to dry thoroughly before using the electrodes and thus extend the usable life of the TENS unit pads.

The length of time of the Tens unit replacement pads in use also affects the period for which the pads can be used. If you use the unit for long periods of time, then an effective solution is to allow each set to dry out before its next use.

Also consider your body hair, which can reduce the life of the electrodes considerably. Contact with body hair can be instrumental in reducing the adhesive qualities of the pads. It is highly recommended that one shave areas of hairy skin before the electrodes are applied, especially if you wish to extend the usability of pads for a long period of time.

TENS Electrode Placement Guidelines:

  1. Take note of the location of the pain area. Outline the tender area of the pain.

  2. Always use two or four pads at the same time depending on TENS unit being used. Do not use a single pad at any point in time.

  3. You can alter the electrical sensation flow by altering the distance between the pads and/or their direction in which they are placed.

  4. The pads can be placed vertically, horizontally and angled.

  5. The pads should never touch each other and need to be an inch apart at least. As the distance between the pads increases, the effectiveness of allaying pain decreases.

  6. It is advisable not to place any of the pads directly on bones or over a joint – the knee, elbow or ankle – as any movement will directly impact the pad’s adherence.

  7. When the pain extends across the entire body, one can place pads vertically on top of the source of pain and another one vertically, below the pain area.

  8. When the pain is focused on a small body area, place the electrode pads in a parallel direction across the side of pain.

  9. When pain overlaps a joint, place the pads on the adjoining muscle or soft tissue in a horizontal and parallel direction.

  10. When the pain is wide across the shoulders or elsewhere, place the pads on the left and right side of the spine vertically. The pads can also be angulated to cover a wider area of discomfort.

Get the best Tens units and Tens unit pads from TENS Machine UK to get consistent pain relief anytime and anywhere.

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