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    Med-Fit Pro 1MHz Therapeutic Rechargeable Ultrasound ideal for fast effective pain relief
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    Med-Fit Pro 3MHz Therapeutic Rechargeable Ultrasound - Ideal for superficial & skin conditions
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    Med-Fit Pro 1&3 MHz Home Ultrasound Machine Therapeutic Portable Homecare Ultrasound
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    Ultrasound Gel 250ml
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Ultrasound Therapy has been in practice for a prolonged period of time. It is being extensively used in physical therapy as a result of its favorable benefits. The conventional method of physical therapy used ice packs and other cold therapies to heal.

However, over time, heat therapy has proven to give better results. The Ultrasound Therapy, as the name suggests, uses sound waves in various frequencies that create heat. The warmth thus created helps people in healing from various kinds of problems.

The machine is used by the direct application on the affected area of the body, using a kind of gel. It creates heat in that local area, concentrating on a particular point to give faster results.

How Does Ultrasound Therapy Work?

This Therapy includes an Ultrasound probe which makes direct contact with the injured area. The head of this probe has crystals which vibrate when an electric field is created. These vibrating crystals create sound waves that come to contact with the injury. The tissues in the area then vibrate, which causes a warm sensation. The heat formed increases the size of the blood vessels in the surrounding area. Increase in the size of these vessels required more blood in that place, hastening the otherwise slow healing process. A gel is applied to the area of the injury to have minimal friction and for the sound waves to pass through. The probe is then moved in a circular motion around the area.

Types of Ultrasound Therapy

There are two main types of Ultrasound Therapy and they are

  • Thermal Ultrasound Therapy: This type of therapy focuses on increasing the power of the soft tissue to heal itself. The sound waves in such therapy are even and persistent. They cause minor vibrations in the soft tissue resulting in heat and friction.

  • Mechanical Ultrasound Therapy: In this therapy, the sound waves are irregular and throbbing in nature. It is best used to reduce inflammation in the tissues and reduce pain.

Places of Application

Ultrasound Machine can be used in the following conditions

  • Tendonitis: Where there is inflammation in the tissue connected to the bone
  • Bursitis: Which is the swelling of the cushioning sacks of the bone
  • When there is stiffness caused as a result of a frozen shoulder
  • Muscle catches, strains or tears
  • In case of a muscle contracture, in which case, a muscle or joint becomes short permanently.
  • Can be used for any kind of sprains

This therapy is also known to work its miracle on patients who suffer from chronic pains who have not benefitted from any other treatment.

Precautionary Measures

A few points are to be kept in mind before starting the use of ultrasound therapy to avoid any complications. The pointers below are to ensure that the therapy is completely safe to use

  1. Ultrasound therapy can be performed only by a licensed person.
  2. The probe should be moving at all times. Stopping it in a single spot for too long can cause damagethe tissue underneath it.
  3. The patient is not supposed to feel any pain during therapy. This occurs only when the probestationary for too long. A warm sensation is common and normal during the therapy sessions.
  4. The probe should not be used:
  • On the lower back of women who are menstruating or pregnant.
  • Around the eyes or sex organs
  • Any kinds of lesions or open wounds
  • Over areas which have malignant tumors
  • Near or over plastic implants
  • In places where there is a compromised blood flow

Using Ultrasound Machine can have different kinds of results for different people. When it is used under trained professionals and proper guidance, Ultrasound therapy has shown promising results to many.

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