Vagus Nerve Stimulation

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device


What is Vagus Nerve Stimulation?

Vagus Nerve Stimulation is the use of a device that stimulates the Vagus Nerve with an electrical impulse used through our Tens Machine. There is only one Vagus nerve on each side of your body and this runs from your brainstem, passes through your neck and chest and then stops around your abdomen.

The previous way of activating your Vagus Nerve was through a surgical implant under the skin of your chest. The wire would need to be threaded under your sin and connected to the device, with the device connected to the left of the vagus nerve. Once the device was activated, the device would send electrical impulses and signals along the vagus nerve to your brainstem which hits certain areas of your brain.

Although nowadays, non-invasive vague nerve stimulation devices are available on the market. This means you do not not require surgical implantation, and this has been approved across Europe to treat depression, pain and epilepsy.

The Vagus Nerve plays a huge role in connecting the brain to all your major organs and plays a role in regulating:

  • Digestion
  • Sleep
  • Your mood
  • Depression

And your overall wellbeing.

How to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve?

Old conventional ways were through surgical implants placed under your skin and connected to a specific device which sends impulses to the left Vagus Nerve. This would send electrical impulses along your vagus nerve up to your brain stem and target certain areas of your brain.

Here at Med-Fit UK, we have a Tens Machine that is connected to one of our Vagus Nerve Stimulation accessories. The Tens Machine sends a electrical pulse through the accessory which is attached to your ear.

This method compared to the surgical method has been known to increase the “relaxation response” in your parasympathetic nervous system and reduce the stress responses driven by your nervous system.  

What happens when you stimulate your Vagus Nerve?

According to researchers, as we age, the sympathetic brand of autonomic nervous system starts to dominate. This possible autonomic imbalance reduces a lot of the optimal body functions and makes us far more susceptible to illness as we become older.

In other research by a group at the University of Leeds found that tVNS via the external ear improved autonomic functions in healthy and young participants.

The studies suggested that stimulating your vagus nerve using Tens Vagus Nerve Stimulation
(tVNS) electrical device that is attached to your tragus region of the outer ear, helps to re-balance the nervous system and may slow the effects of aging for those over 55.

The study reports that non invasive transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (tVNS) via the outer ear is best to be performed for 15 minutes daily for two weeks. This should show forms of improvement over that period.

If you’d like to find out more about Vagus Nerve Stimulation – find out more here.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation at Home

Previous methods of the Vagus Nerve were that an implant was surgically added to your chest, however now we have created a Vagus Nerve Stimulation device that is easily attached to your ear. 

This means you can use it almost anywhere - it acts like an ear piece and won't cause any attention. The device clips onto the ear and links up to your tens machine that you can have in your pocket whilst you're travelling, at work or even at home - super easy to use. 

Can Stimulating your Vagus Nerve improve your Mental Health?

The Vagus Nerve has been known (once stimulated) to at times help improve mental health, but how does this happen? 

Find out more about how the Vagus Nerve improve your Mental Health




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