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  1. Med-Fit Wireless TENS Machine – Total Body Pain Relief

    Old Price: £131.15 £77.00 Incl vat

    SKU : HD01

  2. Premier Professional TENS Machine and Muscle Stimulator fully rechargeable and fully adjustable

    Old Price: £79.90 £67.90 Incl vat

    SKU : EM-6300-A

  3. Med-Fit Premier Dual Control 4 Channel TENS Machine fully rechargeable

    Old Price: £238.80 £76.80 Incl vat

    SKU : EM6400

  4. Med-Fit 2 Wireless Dual Channel TENS & Neuromuscular Stimulator

    Old Price: £227.94 £125.95 Incl vat

    SKU : EV2

  5. Premier TENS Machine and Muscle Stimulator fully rechargeable with 30 Clinically Validated Programmes

    Old Price: £79.90 £55.90 Incl vat

    SKU : EM-6300P

  6. Med-Fit Rechargeable Mini-Wireless TENS & EMS

    Old Price: £71.94 £29.95 Incl vat

    SKU : Painless TENS

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7 Items

Rechargeable Tens Machines are popular Tens models with impeccable design. The machine includes a plethora of massage modes, along with four pairs of electrode pads.

One of the prime features of some such machines is that they include nearly eight electrode pads of different sizes and designs. Each pad can perform certain tasks too. For instance, the larger pads can help in massaging muscles in a short period of time, while smaller pads reach small inaccessible muscles specifically.

The machine also includes adjustable massage intensity that allows users to adjust the intensity of the message based on the placement of the pads, your body requirements, and your mood preferences. Experience a relaxing massage in low intensities, or a reinvigorating massage to get your muscles worked up.

The Rechargeable Tens machine has a unique feature compared to a regular Tens unit - a rechargeable battery. One can just connect the battery to a charger or even a USB port to recharge the machine within some time. Hence this machine features low operating costs. Also, one does not need to recharge the battery often since every charge lasts up to 10 hours. Thus any user can use the machine for straight two weeks without a single recharge, although it would depend on how often the TENS unit is being used within the period.

The machine is also user-friendly with a useful LCD display and small enough to carry in any pocket. Every setting is displayed on the screen allowing users to leverage the unit’s features efficiently. One can also use the machine anywhere as required, at home, and in office.

To sum it up, a rechargeable Tens unit is a portable, cost-effective, multi-purpose machine that can help you massage with varied intensities, relax your muscles and even rejuvenate them, as required. The large and small electrode pads are suited for different tasks and muscle groups too.