Dual Channel TENS Muscle Stimulators

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Dual Channel Muscle stimulator is an electronic machine designed to provide instant pain relief. It relieves pain while working or just on the go. This muscle stimulator comes with user-friendly design for easy set-up and quick treatment.

The machine sends electrical signals to the body muscles using electrodes. These electrodes are hypoallergenic disposable that produce a “passive” exercise to the muscles. The unit is very simple in design and easy to operate. It comes with a step-by-step guide for easy installation and set-up process. It also includes an electrode placement chart.

Muscle Stimulation:

The TENS Dual Channel muscle-stimulator has an adjustable relaxation and contraction time. This produces a customized plan for muscle stimulation. Muscle stimulation heals:

  • Tensed or tight muscles,

  • Atrophied muscles, or

  • Spasmodic muscles.

Muscle Tension:

Muscle Tension can be a result of high stress. Due to the stress tension, the upper part of the back and neck can be easily affected. Muscle stimulation relaxes the tensed muscles and releases tension. Thus eliminating the associated pain.


  • Compact & ergonomic design.

  • User-friendly analogue controls for quick and easy set-up.

  • Dual channel design for relief from musculoskeletal pain.

  • Provides custom treatment with variable relaxation and contraction time.

  • Provides high-quality muscle-stimulation.

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