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  1. Premier TENS Machine and Muscle Stimulator fully rechargeable with 30 Clinically Validated Programmes

    Old Price: £79.90 £55.90 Incl vat

    SKU : EM-6300P

  2. Med-Fit 2 Wireless Dual Channel TENS & Neuromuscular Stimulator

    Old Price: £227.94 £125.95 Incl vat

    SKU : EV2

  3. Total Tone Pelvic Floor and Continence Stimulator

    Old Price: £95.94 £49.00 Incl vat

    SKU : EM2400

  4. Premier Professional TENS Machine and Muscle Stimulator fully rechargeable and fully adjustable

    Old Price: £79.90 £67.90 Incl vat

    SKU : EM-6300-A

  5. Med-Fit Dual Channel TENS Machine & Muscle Stimulator with 24 Built in Programmes - Now with 16 Electrodes

    Old Price: £107.94 £45.00 Incl vat

    SKU : EV806

  6. Med-Fit Premier Dual Control 4 Channel TENS Machine fully rechargeable

    Old Price: £238.80 £76.80 Incl vat

    SKU : EM6400

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6 Items

What is TENS?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is a non-invasive and safe method to relieve pain. It is a drug-free treatment used by many doctors for over three decades. It blocks the pain signals from traveling to the parts of the brain to the skin. This produces a chemical called endorphins in the body.

What is EMS?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation. It helps in muscle stimulation and contraction. It uses the electrical impulses for contraction. It helps in activation of the body muscles which assist in increasing the endurance and strength, thus helping in speedy recovery.

TENS EMS Combination Devices:

Both devices help in muscle contraction and stimulation. Is it possible to get the best of both in a single device? The answer is yes. The TENS EMS combination devices are highly versatile and require a higher investment. With the TENS function in such devices, they can relieve back pain, while the EMS can help in strengthening the body muscles.


  • Purchase a single device instead of purchasing both TENS and EMS separately.

  • Portable and versatile.

  • Ideal for back pain, pain management, and rehabilitation

  • Supplied with a comprehensive guide

  • Includes electrode placement charts

  • Easy to operate

  • Fully adjustable in both the modes - TENS and EMS

  • Simple to use

  • You get the best of both TENS and EMS

This device comes with easy electrode placement and promotes Muscle Stimulation. Highly recommended and endorsed by major hospitals and clinics, this device can be your go-to for effective pain relief.