Combined TENS & Muscle Stimulators

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What is TENS?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machines are an electrical device used as a drug-free, non-invasive method of pain relief. It works by using transcutaneous nerve stimulation to block the pain signals from travelling to the brain. This produces a chemical called endorphins in the body, which are also referred to as the body's natural painkiller.

The small, battery-operated device has sticky pads (electrodes), which are then attached directly to your skin. Once the machine is switched on, a small electrical current is delivered to the affected areas of your body - you'll likely feel a tingling sensation during this process due to the electric impulses, but using a TENS machine is pain-free. Users can also control their level of pain relief as many devices allow them to adjust the electrical pulses accordingly.

TENS machines are used to ease different types of pain from chronic pain to acute pain, joint pain, period pain, and so much more. Here at Med-Fit, we have a variety of TENS products to suit your needs and alleviate your aches and pains, wherever they are on the body.

What is EMS?

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) machines send electrical impulses through the body, which helps to stimulate muscles and encourage muscular contractions. Above all, EMS promotes muscle strength and endurance, thus assisting with a speedy recovery. Although EMS does offer some degree of pain relief, it doesn't tend to be used for this purpose.

Instead, EMS might help to strengthen weak muscles. These devices can be particularly effective if you have weak muscles and have difficulty whilst doing exercises.

TENS EMS Combination Devices:

Both devices help with muscle contraction and stimulation. So, is it possible to get the best of both in a single device? Of course! The TENS EMS combination devices are highly versatile and require a higher investment but with the TENS function in such devices, they can relieve back pain, while the EMS can help in strengthening the body muscles.


  • Purchase a single device instead of purchasing both TENS and EMS separately.

  • Portable and versatile.

  • Ideal for pain management, and rehabilitation

  • Supplied with a comprehensive guide

  • Includes electrode placement charts

  • Easy to operate

  • Fully adjustable in both the modes - TENS and EMS

  • Simple to use

  • You get the best of both TENS and EMS

These devices come with easy electrode placement and promote muscle stimulation. They are highly recommended and endorsed by major hospitals and clinics, making them a go-to for effective pain relief.

We’re always happy to discuss your needs and then recommend the right product for you if you’re still unsure. Even when you’ve made your purchase, we’ll be there to offer support when it comes to setting your device up. Just get in touch by calling 0161 429 7330 or email us at if you have any questions.

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