Med-Fit Rechargeable Nail Fungus Treatment Laser Device Ideal for home use

Easy to use and highly effective for the removal of unsightly nail-fungus and infections for use on both the feet and hands

  • REVOLUTIONARY HOME TREATMENT; innovative device now allows you to treat nail fungal infections from the comfort of your home.
  • FAST ACTION, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE; nail fungus medication makes you see incredible results within a few short weeks with just 7-minutes of daily treatment per affected nail.
  • EASY, PAIN-FREE USE just place on affected nail, push a button and it does its magic for 7-minutes, nail fungus remover automatically shuts off once it's done. No pain, no complex procedures and no cleaning up afterwards.
  • COMPACT DESIGN; lightweight and small enough to carry around. With the added benefit of portable power, you are guaranteed of your fungus treatment for nails anytime, anywhere; even while on the go.
  • FULLY RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES; No need to buy replacement batteries recharges just like a mobile phone
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Looking for effective at-home toenail fungus treatment and save you further embarrassment caused by your unsightly nails?

Would you like a game-changing device that discreetly delivers fast nail fungus treatment using groundbreaking technology?

Features the latest innovation in Laser treatment. This ground breaking device now even faster and highly effective treatment right into your home.

By just pressing one button, laser device automatically gets to work. The treatment is fast, painless and involves no cutting, scrapping or slicing to warrant any cleaning afterwards.

The indicator shows if in use, and automatically goes out at the end of each treatment session.

Most notable benefits include:
• No need for physician's involvement in treatments and no prescription drugs necessary.
• See results within 4 weeks of short daily sessions per affected nail.
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