Natural Moist Heat Wheat Packs

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Wheat Heat Pack

Our Wheat Pack is extremely popular and in high demand, often selling out quickly once we have it in stock.

The Wheat Packs can provide soothing comfort either when warmed or chilled. If you prefer a warm pack, please use a domestic microwave to heat it—avoid using a conventional oven. However, if you desire a chilled effect, simply place the pack in the refrigerator—do not place it in the freezer.

It's important to note that due to the natural contents of the product, mainly consisting of wheat, it is crucial not to exceed the recommended heating time. If overheated, the product may release steam and could potentially smolder if left unattended.

To ensure the longevity of your Wheat Heat Pack and to maximize its effectiveness, it is essential to care for and maintain it properly. When not in use, place the pack on a non-combustible surface until it has completely cooled down, and then store it in a dry location.

By following these guidelines and taking proper care of your Wheat Heat Pack, you can enjoy many months of satisfactory use and reap its comforting benefits whenever needed.

Wheat Heat Pack Uses

Our Wheat Heat Packs are fantastic for Neck and Shoulder pains. During the winter months, a warming wheat bag can be a truely soothing solution to winter chills, stiff joints or aching muscles. 

Our wheat heat packs can bring comfort to the users. The wheat bag is essentially a sealed bag filled with dried and cleaned wheat grains. When heated or cooled, the bag can relieve pains such as arthritis, headaches, periods of pain or reducing bruising and swelling by chilling the Wheat Pack.