Nail Fungus Treatment

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Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail Fungus treatment comes in many different ways, but the most effective sort of treatment is Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus.

The 2 different variations available are:

The Nail Laser – This works by emitting pulses of energy that produces heat onto the nail. The laser is directly penetrating through the toenail to the nail bed – normally where the fungus is present during treatment or use of the laser.

Fungus Cream – The Cream is really an additional booster for the Nail laser which works hand in hand with the fungus cream, improving the overall health of the nail after treatment.

How does Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus work?

The nail laser emits pulses of energy that produce heat onto and around the nail which begins to slowly kill the fungus.

When used correctly, the nail laser does not emit enough energy to destroy all the infection in one big go, unfortunately, it is suggested that users repeat the treatment process often to ensure the full removal of fungus.

Fungal growth will be inhibited during treatment, however after the first use or treatment, some microorganisms can partially survive during the first use of the laser – it is unlikely that your nail will be completely clear after using the device once.

Once you have used the Laser treatment for Nail fungus, we recommend using the nail fungus cream immediately after treatment to help boost the general health of the nail and to boost the treatment quality of the removal of the fungus in the nail.


Does Nail Treatment Kill Fungus?

Nail Treatment using both methods (nail laser and fungus cream) or just the nail laser will eventually kill the fungus in the nail, however the likeliness of the fungus being removed in the first treatment is rare.

The Laser therapy shines a beam of light into the toenail – the energy from the laser shatters the structure of the fungus, thereby killing it permanently over time.

The laser has be designed specific to target the fungus solely and nothing else, to ensure no damage to the nail, the skin or surrounding area occurs.


How Do I Know if I Have Toenail Fungus?

The best way to determine if you have toenail fungus is to get a nail culture which can be done by a podiatrist. Best to be safe and make an appointment for an evaluation as soon as possible – the reason why we think it is necessary for an immediate evaluation is because if it is Fungus, the infection can spread eventually to every toe.

Early detection of the fungus can improve your chances of treatment working far quicker, rather than let the infection spread and it becomes a much slower process to be treated.

There are several advantages when using Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

There are several benefits when using nail laser treatment for your nail fungus, especially when you catch it early:

No recovery time – can use it daily without any issues.

Fantastic for home use – clip it on your toe and let it do its thing.

Safe and Painless treatment – Laser treatment for nail fungus does not have any side effects, and it’s safe to use in pregnancy, if you have any conditions such as: Diabetes, High Blood pressure or other vascular disease. In fact there has been no documented issues for laser treatment for toenail fungus.

It really works – Studies show that around a 93% cure rate for nail laser lasers.

Incredibly easy to use.

No side effects or need to take any medication or drugs.

No need to stop – After your nail treatment, you can go straight back to work or go about your life without any issues.

It’s quick to use – 12-15 minutes for each foot, regardless of how many nails you may have infected.


What are the signs of improvement when using the Nail Laser?

Some users may experience a quick resolution of the fungal infection with a single treatment; however, some additional uses of the nail laser may be required even if the fungus has disappeared.

Some infections may require several sessions before the nail laser treatment clears the infected nail, and don’t be concerned it takes a little longer. Some treatments can take up to 12 months until the nail grows out to tell whether the treatment has been a full success.

Some signs of improvements may include the following:

• Normal texture and shape of new nail growth with no more thickness or strange nail bumps.

• Resolution of flaky debris on the nail or under the nail

• Disappearance of yellow, brown or white discoloration of the affected area


How Do I Know if I Have Toenail Fungus?

A Toenail fungus infection has an eroding and slow effect on your toenail health, but usually it can take a while to develop and spread, so there is a chance you may not notice it at first.

Some typical toenail fungus symptoms you may encounter:

• Toenails become flaky and break off.

• Toenail shape becomes curved, ingrown on the sides or twisted.

• Nails become incredibly thick – at times may become too thick to cut with clippers.

• Change in colour of the nail – sometimes turning brown, white or yellow.

• Bad smell coming from your toenails.

• You begin to get pain around the toenail as the hard and curved nails dig down.

• Toenails may loosen and separate off the nail bed.

• The unusual colour spreads to others toes and sometimes even onto your skin.

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