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A Fantastic Shiatsu Foot Massager

Our Shiatsu Foot Massage is fantastic for stimulating muscles, joints in the foot, ankles and lower leg muscles. The foot massager uses a combination of heat therapy mixed with a manipulation compression.

These therapies help with muscles functions, pain relief, improving of blood flow, reduction in swelling around ankles and feet but also a lovely massage now and again.


A real booster to your blood circulation

The foot massager is a great benefit for those who aim to improve their blood circulation in the lower limbs. The massager focuses on the ankles and the feet which combines heat therapy (which naturally improves blood flow when muscles are warmed up) and manipulation compression.

This type of massage helps the blood move around through congested areas, and with different therapies available – the foot massager helps those with poor circulation flush out the lactic acid that can naturally build up in the muscles. The foot circulation machine improves circulation of the lymph fluid which carries away all the rubbish from your muscles and other internal organs. This will improve blood pressure and improve your bodily functions, and of course give you a lovely massage.


Foot Massage Benefits

The foot massager comes with several fantastic benefits:

  • A Circulation Booster – as mentioned above, with the combination of therapies can certainly help improve general blood circulation.
  • Improves your mood – Foot massages and reflexology can help fight depression as there are certain points in your feet that alleviate symptoms of depression and improve your overall mood.
  • Helps Prevent Ankle and Foot Injuries – The massager helps squeeze out all the lactic acid in the muscles and joints, giving the body a far better chance of removing the waste and fluids from areas that may have been stuck for a while. This improves the general health of the joints, muscles and healing time in areas that need it the most.
  • Foot Massager for Diabetics – Diabetics can often have very restricted blood flow to their feet, and this is where our foot massager helps. As mentioned above, our foot massager improves blood circulation with a mix of therapies – this can sometimes help with mobility and flexibility in the feet for those who suffer from diabetes. Studies show on other foot massages with less therapies available that there was a beneficial effect – find out more here
  • Relieves foot pain – A foot massager helps active your nervous system in an incredibly positive way – increasing the chemical release called endorphins and many other chemicals that help your body relieve itself naturally of pain. This can be preferable to those who rather natural than the painkiller approach.


  • Do foot massage machines improve circulation?

Yes, as mentioned above – our foot massager has several different therapies that can improve your blood circulation in your feet.


  • Is a foot massage healthy?

A foot massage can boost your circulation from your feet to the rest of your body. This can help with keeping your tissue and muscles healthy but also help with healing. It’s incredibly important to stay on top of this if you have poor circulation, nerve damage, muscle tension or diabetes.


  • What are the benefits of a foot massager?

There are so many benefits of a foot massager – improve blood circulation, helps with relaxation, relieves body pain, improve your mood – find out 5 benefits of a foot massager.

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