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TENS Machine: Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you use Premier Tens and Muscle Stimulator unit for toning muscle as well?

Yes, this device has clinically approved programs for muscle toning and muscle re-education.


Can you use the medi socks with Premier Tens and Muscle Stimulator and can we buy spare pads and cables?

Yes, you can use the socks, and we supply spare pads and cables independently too.


Is Premier Tens machine and ems machine? Does it have both functions?

Yes, it is a TENS and EMS machine. And yes, it includes both functions.


When it says, rechargeable does it mean that you recharge the battery by removing it and putting it in a separate battery charger?

No. You just use the plug supplied. No need to remove the battery.


Does this machine help relieve pain for sciatica? How long does the battery last on an average?

Yes, the machine helps with pain management & keeps the muscles active. I would recommend its use for an hour at a time about 4 times a day.it is not a cure but certainly helps.


Is the machine labeled "Premier Stim Plus" or "Premier Combo Plus"? Mine is "Premier Combo Plus", and I'm wondering whether this is the latest version?

Premier Stim Plus has TENS and EMS programs, 24 in total. The Premier Stim Plus is an advanced model and the Premier Tens as the other option.TheCombo Plus seems to be the earlier version of the StimPlus Model.


I have had a spinal fusion in 2008, and am on morphine patches. To add to it, I suffer from sciatica. Which machine is better, this one or the 4 channel?

The Premier Plus Tens unit is the recommended machine for you.


Can Premier Tens unit be charged directly from the AC mains supply & if so, is a suitable lead supplied or can one be obtained?

Yes, the Tens unit can be charged directly from the mains supply and is supplied with a mains charger identical to the iPhone.


Can the TENS machine be used while walking?

Yes, it can be used while walking.


How will I know when the battery is low?

It flashes then goes off if the battery is low. Regularly, the batteries last for weeks. I have used mine recently for 2-3 hours at a time for 6 weeks, and still, the batteries need not be charged.


In Premier TENS & Muscle Stimulator what is the maximum time it runs for on a setting?

In-Tens mode, the simulator will run continuously while in muscle stimulation mode, it will run for up to 30mins, depending on the program being used.


Does Premier TENS only have 2 leads, which can be used at one time?

Yes, it is supplied with 2 leads. On the end of each lead, you have two connections, so each lead needs two electrodes for 2 channel simulators (maximum 4 electrodes can be used at any one time)


How long are the leads?

The leads are 36 inches long but double in length to 72 inches when split.


Can I set it at less than 1hz: I want 0.2 Hz to 0.33hz, most other units have 1hz as the minimum?

The premier lowest frequency is 2Hz since all have a tolerance of a minimum of 5%. So exact frequency 0.2-0.33Hz is not possible as there will be a tolerance specified in the technical details of the operating manual.


How long will the battery last on the premier TENS?

The battery will last for 8 hours on one charge and you will get 1000 charges which will last approximately 3 to 4 years; the cost of a replacement battery is £9.95.


How many pads come with the Premier TENS machine?

There are 4 packs (16 electrodes) included with this machine.


How long does the charge last for?

This depends on what level of intensity you use, but the average is approximately 8 hours.


What is the difference between ev906p and ev906a?

The ev906 p is programmed internally includes no manual adjustment.


Does 4 Channel TENS & Muscle Stim have a belt clip?

Yes, this is supplied with a belt clip.


IS this a tens machine (for pain) and an ems machine (for toning muscle)?

Yes, you are right.


I have lost the original AC adapter. What are the power supply voltage and current?

The adapter is constant DC 6.5v and 1amp, but must only be used with the correct power supply provided with the device.


I need a really powerful Tens machine for my back and legs mainly and can take a lot of intensity - just how powerful is this one?

The 4 Channel TENS & Stim machine is extremely powerful. It is excellent for reducing pain.


In 4 Channel TENS & Muscle Stim Is the battery built into the charging unit? Is there a charging unit?

Yes, the battery is built into the and we include a fast charger with the kit, which meets all the correct safety standards.


Does Med-Fit 1 help relieve muscle tension?



Does Med-Fit 1 need any batteries, and if so do they come with the machine?

Yes, it does need batteries. The machine is supplied with the required batteries.


Will TENS Machine be effective for tennis elbow pain?

Yes, it will be effective since it reduces inflammation.


Can just 2 electrodes be used at a time or do you have to use all 4?

Hi, you can use 2 electrodes with one channel or 4 electrodes with two channels.


Should you use the gel with the pads or not?

The pads have self-adhesive gel and do not need any extra gel as this will destroy your electrodes and stop them from sticking to your skin.


Is Med-Fit 1 Tens unit completely quiet when turning on, off, and while turning controls to their limits?

Yes, it's completely quiet in every situation.


Is the Med fit 3, the same size as the Med fit 1?

Yes, they are approximately the same size.


Can you change the frequency and impulse width on Med-Fit 3 unit? If yes, what are the ranges?

Yes, this unit is fully adjustable pulse width 50-300 microseconds, and the pulse rate ranges from 1-200 PPS.


What battery does Med-Fit 3 use?

1x 9v PP3 Battery


Does Medi-Fit 3 have a plastic or metal belt clip and does it have a clock timer?

Metal clip but no timer.


Does Med-Fit 3 lose its settings each time it's switched off?

The Med-Fit 3 will always hold its last setting.


Is Med-Fit 3 designed for pain relief or muscle stimulation?

The med-fit 3 is a Tens device which is for pain relief only.


Does High-Value Muscle Stim come with Conductive gel?

It doesn't come with a gel. The pads are sticky self-adhesive.


Does High-Value Muscle Stim work primarily for increasing muscle strength, if you're fit and healthy?

Yes, it can be used for enhancing muscle strength when used with regular exercise.


Do the pads contain latex, if so do they have a non-latex version?

The pads are latex-free.


Does it tone up your pecs?

Yes, as long as you position the electrodes correctly.


Do you need to replace the battery or can you charge the High-Value Muscle Stim device?

The unit is supplied with a non-rechargeable battery, but you can purchase rechargeable batteries.


How High-Value Muscle Stim is different from a Tens Pain Relief Machine?

This is a muscle stimulator (EMS) used for muscle toning, re-education, treating muscle wastage, etc.


What battery does High-Value Muscle Stim use?

1 x 9-volt battery (the rectangle type).


In Med-Fit 2 Premier Wireless TENS Is there a continuous tens program without interruptions? Or at least something that lasts some hours?

This machine has a continuous program that lasts hours.


Do you need conductive gel with Med-Fit 2 Premier Wireless TENS machine?

No, the pads that come with the machine are pre-gelled with medical-grade hydro gel.


Mums to Be Maternity TENS:

Did anyone use Mums to Be Maternity TENS during labour and did it help?

Yes, I did. It helped distract my mind when I was having contractions. Highly recommended!


Do you have to buy replacement pads each time you use Mums to Be Maternity TENS?

The electrodes are a class 1 device and are single patient use with a maximum of 30 applications.


Does Mums to Be Maternity TENS come with the pelvic floor attachment?

No. the Total Tone comes with the Pelvic Floor Probe attachment.

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