TENS Machine: Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you use the Premier Tens and Muscle Stimulator unit for toning muscle as well?

A lot of our Muscle Stimulation machines are fantastic and clinically approved for muscle toning and muscle re-education; we'd recommend searching our Muscle Stimulation Machines area on our website to ensure you find the right one for you, see below link: 


Can you use Conductive Socks, Gloves, Knee Sleeves and Elbow Sleeves with Tens Machines?

Yes, you can use these products ONLY with WIRED Tens Machines. 


Can I buy spare electrodes/pads and cables from your company?

Absolutely! We have a large range of electrodes to choose from - wired or wireless, we also supply cables. 


What does rechargable mean? - Does it mean I have to remove the battery and plug it in or?

No, just like any modern mobile phone - you can just plug the Tens Machine into the plug supplied with the TENS device and let it charge, no faffing around. Super Easy.


Will Tens Machines help relieve pain for Sciatica? 

Yes, our Tens Machines can certainly help with pain management and to ensure muscles are kept active, we usually recommend using the TENS device for an hour at a time 4 times a day. Other information about Scaitica pain relief can be found here: https://tensmachineuk.com/blog/post/treating-sciatica-pain-at-home/ 


How long does the battery on your Tens Machine last?

It depends on the device you choose (TENS device) and it largely differes between users, however the average battery life would usually be between 4-8 hours on a full charge. 


Do all Tens Machines come with a charger/plug & If I lose my wires can i purchase new ones from you?

All our Tens Machines come with the appropiate plugs/charger. If you lose or wish to replace your wires, we supply all cables and wires for all our Tens Machines. 


Can the TENS machine be used while walking?

Absolutely, our WIRED and WIRELESS Tens Machines can be used whilst walking. 


How will I know when the battery is low on my Tens Machine? 

Your Tens Machine will begin flashing before it turns off due to the battery being low. The average battery life of our Tens Machines are between 4-8 hours on a full charge. 


I require a powerful Tens Machines for my back and legs - what would you recommend?

We have two fantastic Tens Machines depending on your budget. 


Are Tens Machines good at relieving pain for Tennis Elbow? 

Absolutely! - Tens Machines are very effective when reducing inflammation which in turn will relieve your pain. 


Should I use the Gel with my electrode pads?

No. The pads themselves have self-adhesive gel and do not require anymore gel to be added, otherwise you may end up destroying the electrodes and stopping them from sticking to your skin. 


Does a Muscle Stimulator work primarly for increasing muscle strength?

Yes, it can be used for enhancing muscle strength when used with regular exercise.


Do you electrodes contain latex?

The pads are latex-free.


Whats the difference between Muscle Stimulation and a Tens Pain Relief Machine?

Our EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) machines are used for muscle training, re-education and treating muscle wastage compared to our targeted pain relief machines (Tens Machines). 


Mums to Be Maternity TENS:


Do you have to buy replacement pads each time you use Mums to Be Maternity TENS?

No, the electrodes can be used up to a maximum of 30 applications/uses before needing to replace them. 


Does Mums to Be Maternity TENS come with the pelvic floor attachment?

No, the Mum's To Be Tens Machines comes with a pack of 4 electrodes, however if you're keen on adding a pelvic floor attachment - we recommend on buying this seperately or buy our Total Tone Pelvic Floor & Continience Stimulator (this unit also comes with electrodes) - the link to this machine can be found below: 


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