Dual Silver Conductive Sock Garment

Supplied with Sonogel conductive spray.

Sonogel spray is the ideal solution to help conductivity when used with your conductive garments, helps to reduce skin impedance.

Can be used with all models of TENS and Muscle Simulators using 2mm patient lead connections - one size fits all simple application no need for self-adhesive electrodes – the most effective complete and comfortable stimulation gives the best results ever

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These new design silver conductive electrode garments remove the need to use the self-adhesive electrode in conjunction with the garment.

This allows for very simple application but more importantly offers perfect stimulation over a larger area. The area of stimulation now over the complete area covered by the conductive garment.

This new method of stimulation is far more effective and comfortable for both pain relief and muscle stimulation.

  • One Size fits all and can be used with virtually all types and models of TENS and Muscle Simulators.
  • The most effective way to treat - Equal stimulation to all parts of the conductive garment.
  • Can be hand washed - repeated use for up to 2 years saving £££s over traditional self-adhesive electrodes which have a maximum use of 30 applications.
  • Manufactured from medical grade material and fully compliant to all medical standards.
  • Supplied to NHS pain clinics and major teaching hospitals.
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