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What is Ultrasound Therapy?

Our Ultrasound Machines are an option for those who wish to treat pain and those who have had a loss in joint function due to Osteoarthritis.
Ultrasound therapy machines deliver a treatment to a specific area – the treatment itself is created by the device sending high levels of sound waves that are used to penetrate deep into the skin and into the tissue or joint. The therapy promotes cellular repair and renewal but also increases the general blood flow to that specific area, which increases the speed of healing.

The Ultrasound machine comes with an Ultrasound Gel. The Gel is especially important when using the machines – the machine produces sound waves that pass through the skin to ensure the soundwaves can penetrate the skin effectively and the gel is also used to reduce the air between the user and the transducer (the head of the ultrasound device). This Gel allows the sound waves to pass through the skin far easier and more efficiently.

The therapy is super easy to use at home without the need for a physio or a professional, all you need is the manual (which is easy to follow). The treatment promotes non-invasive treatment mixed with therapeutic technology that helps improve your quality of life and decrease in the cost of care (professional treatments) for Osteoarthritis.

Ultrasound Therapy for Hip and Knee Arthritis

In 2011 in the journal Orthopaedic Surgery a study was published around Ultrasound that significantly relieved joint swelling, improved mobility and reduced inflammation for those who suffered from Osteoarthritis. The study itself involved 80+ people with knee osteoarthritis who received a total of 9-months of ultrasound therapy.

A recent study in a 2016 study looked at the effectiveness of low energy pulses for ultrasound therapy machines on 100+ people with Osteoarthritis of the knee. The study shows that those who suffered from osteoarthritis of the knee had reduced pain when using a therapeutic ultrasound machine. Osteoarthritis pain relief occurred after a few treatments which improved the general quality of life and improved functions of the patient.

Arthritis is charactered by the breakdown of abnormal bone growth, cartilage and the changes to the soft tissue membrane, ligaments and muscles which surround the bone or joints. 1 MHz Ultrasound machines are perfect for mechanical therapy which uses pulses of sound waves to penetrate your skin and tissue.

This type of treatment has a minor warming effects and it causes an expansion and contraction in tiny gas bubbles in soft tissue. This ultrasound machine decreases the inflammatory response, thus reduces swelling and will decrease the overall pain for the user.

Is an Ultrasound Machine for Osteoarthritis safe?

Ultrasound therapy has been deemed as non-invasive treatment which is also very safe, with no adverse side effects and relatively inexpensive (if you choose a home use ultrasound machine).
Osteoarthritis is incredibly common and is more common to effect people over the age of 65, whilst playing a large part in reducing the overall quality of life.

With the above studies, it certainly does give positive results for those who suffer from osteoarthritis and for those who prefer non-invasive treatment and home care devices.

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