Introduction to Tens Machine

The TENS device is similar to an EMS system, though their nature of working differs from each other considerably. The Tens machine produces electrical muscle stimulation that focuses only sensory nerve endings that control pain caused by spasms and injury. With the help of electronic current passing through muscles, the brain releases endorphins into the body to reduce the pain felt by the patient. Also, the current blocks signal to pain receptors in the brain about the hurt caused to the muscles. This aids endorphins to do their healing job better.

The Tens machine was earlier found only in medical institutes owing to their high price. But now the Tens machine can be purchased for different therapy situations and used at home too.

The Importance of a Tens Unit in Relieving Pain

From allaying pain to nerve retraining, a Tens unit can help users to bear the pain and even get on the path to wellness. There are several uses of the Tens unit since it generates electrical impulses that strike a body part and then affects the nervous system. The nerves get stimulated and also provide relief to a person who is suffering from pain in that region.

The treatment focuses on delivering short-term relief from pain by applying sensory level stimulation tropes that distracts pain signals, and triggers motor level stimulation.

There are many uses of the Tens unit but it needs to be subjected to one body region at a time, for best results. Results have been quite positive for those suffering from osteoarthritis pain. The tens unit has been utilized widely as a pain inhibitor especially during dental procedures. The University of Washington Orthopedics and Sports Medicine also admit that the Tens machine can also reduce inflammation of muscle fibers and even reduce nerve pain, and sciatica too.

Benefits of Tens Unit:

  1. Pain Relief: The primary advantage of using a TENS unit is nerve stimulation to distract pain centers and thus reduce the feeling of chronic pain. From back to arm pain, one can rely on a Tens unit to derive relief naturally. The impulses then aid in the release of endorphins that relieves pain naturally without any side-effects.
  2. Non-Invasive Technique: The Tens machine is a noninvasive technique to treat pain starting with temporary to long-lasting relief. The electrical stimulation also does not intrude in any body part and cause harm of any sort.
  3. Portable & Easy to Use Machine: The Tens unit is quite handy and portable to use since it is lightweight to carry anywhere as required. The best part is that it can be used by anybody and the mode of operation is simple enough. Users just have to change a dial or program setting for correct usage to reduce the pain of a body part.
  4. Increased Circulation & Healing: The Tens machine also overrides or blocks signals from nerves to the brain and thus aids in enhancing local circulation of blood and even reduces muscle spasms.
  5. Improved Sleep Patterns: Reduced pain can aid your body to relax without having to worry about the injury or spasm at night. Hence one of the uses of a Tens unit is that your sleep quality will be better.
  6. Decreased Use of Pain Relievers: Tens units are particularly used after surgeries for post-operative pain treatment especially after joint replacement, cardiac procedures, surgeries, and the like. The use of the machine also aids in significantly reducing the use of pain killers or analgesics after surgery.
  7. Increased Motion and Function: The Tens units used with other treatment forms and in pain control as part of relaxation therapy, guided imagery, physiotherapy, and even for spinal manipulation for better motion and function of your body.
  8. Natural Massager: Many companies are offering Tens units as massages and pain relievers with different intensity levels based on how you want to attend to your muscles internally. Even standard units are easy enough for users to essentially massage themselves anytime.
  9. Reduced inflammation: Inflammation causes huge discomfort and pain to the body. The tens unit can aid in reducing inflammation of muscles as per studies performed by the University of Washington, who surmised that with proper stimulation, one could reduce inflammation happening deep within muscle fibers. The study revealed that with proper stimulation, the unit can help relieve pain from pinched nerves, sciatica and back pain.
  10. Quicker Rehabilitation and Reduced Fear: Pain can easily lead to fear even for doing any task during the day. Without redressal of pain, the time taken for rehabilitation becomes even longer or leads the person to develop a phobia that restricts their movements and activity. One of the uses of Tens units is that users can reduce inflammation and redness pain thus getting back to their regular level of activity. A person then can truly live their regular life without any unwarranted fear, using their complete level of strength without having to worry about muscle atrophy. With a Tens unit, people suffering from advanced knee and back pain can get back to normalcy way faster than the others.
  11. Less Fatigue and Tiredness: Fatigue is sure to affect everyone having a hectic life but one is so focused on energy to bear up pain, that one is easily tired after a long day at work. The Tens unit helps in stimulating muscles and nerves and thus reduce fatigue levels drastically.
  12. Easy to Use: Although Tens units are advanced as medical tools, they are extremely easy to use by anyone at home. Users just use the included pads on the affected muscle where you are feeling the pain. The electrical stimulation released from the machine will do the rest.
  13. Affordable Pain Relief Solution: Many health gadgets found in the market are quite pricey and not many can afford such gadgets to boost health. The Tens unit is significantly less priced and way more effective than other.
  14. Pain Relief without Medication: People keep on popping pills and painkillers to just address their painful body parts. But with a Tens unit, one can achieve pain relief naturally as it triggers the body to respond by sending endorphins and start healing quickly.
  15. No Adverse Effect: Since it is not an invasive machine, the Tens unit can help scores of people who have to work day in and day out to withstand the pain of different types. It can relieve pain in a jiffy allowing the body to respond naturally.


With multiple benefits offered by a Tens machine, one can actually get a Tens unit for them to decrease pain without any side-effects.