The future of TENS technology

Wireless technology is becoming increasingly common everywhere you look these days, from headphones to phone chargers, but now sufferers of chronic pain are starting to see the benefits of a cable-free world.


Leading supplier of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation treatment devices, The TENS+ Company, has launched a range of products that are completely free of tangle-prone wires.


Offering an even greater degree of comfort and convenience, the latest Med-Fit 2 Wireless TENS models are the only professional strength duel channel devices of their type on the market.


Their fully rechargeable electrodes can be placed anywhere they are needed on the body, completely independent of a compact, stylish controller unit.


Once charged, using a mains socket (via an adaptor) or a computer USB, the Med-Fit 2 can offer relief from a wide range of conditions, including arthritis, back pain, neuralgia, period pain, sciatica, sports injuries and sciatica.


The core technology incorporated in all our TENS machines - which uses mild, safe, electrical signals to help control pain - has also helped many sufferers of lumbago muscle stress, neck pain, headaches and migraines.


Simple to use with 15 pre-set programmes for pain relief and muscle stimulation, the Med-Fit 2 offers an exciting insight into the future of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation treatment.


It also demonstrates the commitment of the TENS+ Company to remain at the forefront of TENS technology, continually innovating to provide even greater levels of comfort and convenience – and most importantly, pain relief – for its tens of thousand of customers.


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