Position of the electrodes

Best results are achieved by placing the electrodes directly over the pain site. With dual machines, additional electrodes can be positioned to surround the site. Electrodes can also be used to stimulate traditional acupressure points if required.

How Do I Know It’s Time to Replace My Electrodes?

It is very important that the self-adhesive electrodes (pads) be replaced when they no longer stick well or if you begin to feel a “stinging”sensation on your skin. The usual life-span is approximately 3-6 weeks, depending on skin type and weather conditions, humidity will effect how long they last.

Although most of the pre-gelled reusable electrodes are considered hypoallergenic, in some cases people with sensitive skin may develop an allergy to a particular type of electrode, just like some people who are allergic to certain band-aids or tapes.

One solution is to change the electrode and there are also products available to help act as a skin “barrier”in these situations.