How long to use your TENS and what dose

Conventional or high frequency settings is performed when the Pulse Rate is set to 60 pulses per second or more.  The sensation produced will be a steady buzzing or tingling feeling between the electrodes.  Because the TENS signal is perceived as stronger than the pain signal being produced by the body, it effectively blocks the pain signal from travelling along nerves to the brain. Most clients find that high-frequency treatments produce the quickest relief from pain, as well as providing several hours of relief after the treatment.

Treatment duration - 45 - 60 minutes, or continuous if required.  Most modern units are portable and can be clipped to the belt while going about normal activities.

Low-frequency or burst type of treatment is produced when the Pulse Rate setting on the TENS unitis set manually below 10 pulses per second (or as with some units, at automatic burst mode). Low-frequency treatments produce visible muscle twitching often described as a tapping or pulsating sensation.

In reaction to this type of stimulation the body releases endorphins (pain-killing chemicals produced naturally in the body). These endorphins act as a chemical nerve block to reduce pain by interrupting the pain signals along the nerves to the brain.  Often this type of treatment can take longer to be effective but the results last longer.