Can an Ankle Support help with Running

By Med-Fit UK Content Team  .  Last Updated Monday, 8th January 2024

What to consider when looking for good Ankle Supports

When you’re considering a purchase of an ankle support, we recommend looking at a number of factors that will assist you with running long distance, or perhaps even short distances. One major point would be, does it stablise your ankles and help you avoid injuries or even recurring injuries. 

Consider the following points when in search of an ankle support for running or similar recreational activities:

  1. Level of Support:
    Assess the level of support required. Different ankle supports offer varying degrees of support. Some provide mild support for prevention with good mobility, while others offer stronger compression for support in dealing with existing injuries, conditions, or other issues.

  2. Type of Support:
    Determine the type of support you need. Are you seeking compression for improved blood circulation and reduced swelling, or do you prefer an adjustable support that allows customization for comfort around your ankle?

  3. Material Used:
    Pay attention to the material used in the ankle support. Opt for breathable materials that prevent excessive sweating and discomfort during running. Choosing the right material is crucial to avoid issues such as rubbing and athlete's foot.

  4. Size and Fit:
    Select the appropriate size for effective support and comfort. Ensuring the right fit is essential to maximize the benefits of the support.
    Remember, caution should be exercised when opting for a budget-friendly option, as going too cheap may lead to issues. Inexpensive supports may lack the strength and durability needed for prolonged use, potentially causing more problems in the long run.

Can Ankle Support be worn with running shoes?


Yes, the majority of ankle supports are suitable for individuals engaged in running or similar recreational activities. The distinctions lie in factors such as the degree of compression, protective features, the material used, and overall support aimed at injury prevention and ankle stabilization.

For those with pre-existing injuries who have a penchant for running, it is advisable to explore ankle supports that not only provide stabilization but also offer 360-degree compression. This type of support not only helps in averting additional injuries but also ensures that your ankle remains securely in place during running.

That all being said, despite having the correct ankle support, having the correct type of shoe can also assist with reducing chances of injuries, but also assisting with reducing symptoms associated with ankle conditions.  

How does an Ankle Support help you?

Ankle braces or supports can bring numerous benefits to those who love running or engage in similar activities, particularly individuals with a history of ankle injuries or susceptibility to them.

These supports provide significant stability to the ankle joint, proving especially helpful for those with weak ankles or those in the process of recovering from previous injuries. They effectively reduce the risk of rolling or twisting the ankle, even during intense workouts or running sessions.

Choosing the right ankle support is vital for maintaining confidence. The combination of suitable support and proper footwear adds an extra layer of protection and psychological reassurance. To assess suitability, it's advisable to start with short runs while wearing the ankle support. Evaluate factors such as the level of compression, comfort, stability, breathability, and compatibility with your existing footwear. This assessment ensures a seamless experience during longer runs in the future.

For individuals in the recovery phase from ankle injuries, the choice of the right support is crucial, especially post-surgery. These supports not only provide stability but also offer substantial protection throughout the healing process, including comprehensive compression around the ankle.

What types of Conditions can Ankle Supports help with?

Regular runners and individuals engaging in similar recreational activities can derive significant benefits from supports, particularly if they have fractures, sprains, or specific conditions that elevate the risk of ankle injuries.

These supports play a crucial role in maintaining proper foot alignment, helping to prevent the twisting of the foot and ankle. Such movements can lead to ankle sprains, ligament tears, and, at times, tendon injuries. During running, instances of misplacing footing and twisting the ankle can occur, especially when navigating curbs, stairs, or uneven surfaces.

In this context, ankle supports prove beneficial in both prevention and recovery for various conditions and injuries, including:

Can I wear socks over the Ankle Supports?

Yes it's quite common for our customers to wear socks over their ankle supports. This practice adds an extra layer of comfort, providing additional cushioning for both the ankle and the skin.

When selecting socks, it's advisable to choose breathable ones that effectively absorb sweat, especially during activities like running. The goal is to keep your foot dry, minimizing the likelihood of sweating or rubbing issues.

In choosing the right sock, prioritize breathability, comfort, and moisture-wicking properties. It's crucial to ensure that the combination of the ankle support and socks doesn't result in excessive tightness or a sensation of being squeezed. It’s important to avoid potential issues with local blood circulation, which could lead to discomfort later on and potentially further injuries or issues in the future.