Top 8 Ways to Reduce Back Pain

By Med-Fit UK Content Team  .  Last Updated Wednesday, 4th January 2023

Back pain is a condition that affects almost everyone. For some, it can be triggered by strenuous activity, while for others it can be caused by small movements. Getting to know the root of what causes back pain requires us to dive deeper into the subject. The main reason can be because of problems in the spinal joints or the movement of discs. It can also be a result of strained muscles or weak ligaments.

What causes back pain?

  • Injuries or accidents can cause physical damage leading to back pain

  • Cervical radiculopathy which is also called as a pinched nerve.

  • Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal which adds pressure to the backbone

  • The sciatic nerve when strained can be the cause of pain in the lower back

  • A herniated disc can lead to a pricking sensation of pain

  • Scoliosis, which is an unusual curve in the spine, can lead to a compromised posture which in turn causes pain

  • Conditions like arthritis, when not treated for a prolonged period of time, can lead to back pain due to bone degeneration.

There are some other conditions that lead to pain. Back pain causes a lot of discomforts and can become a disability in the longer run.

8 Top Methods to Help Relieve Back Pain

  1. A Balanced Lifestyle: Taking up more work than what the body can take physically can lead to pain aggravation. At the same time taking too much rest tends to weaken our body and gets it out of the habit of working. There should be an equilibrium maintained between the amount of rest and work it does.

  2. Avoid Strain: Activities that put a strain on the backbone should be consciously avoided. It is important to be aware of the specific activities that increase your pain. Recognizing such chores will help in not doing them completely or minimizing the work.

  3. TENS Machine: Out of the many advances in medical equipment, the TENS machine has outshone the rest. The TENS units are being widely used to relieve people from physical pain. This device uses electrical impulses to reduce the sensation of pain instantly. The impulses are low in voltage.

    When the device comes into contact with the skin, the impulses enter the body and block the pain signals that are being sent to the brain or spine. The body, hence, stops feeling pain immediately. Since there are no side effects and also no limitation for the time of usage, this device is highly preferred by many.

  4. Exercise and Yoga: Mild exercises like walking or brisk walking helps in relaxing muscles and keeps the spine active. Walking is highly recommended as it does not require a lot of physical movement but provides relief just the same.

    Yoga, when practiced, can show tremendous relief in the longer run. Particular postures even tend to heal people suffering from chronic back pain. In some cases, overweight can be the culprit behind back pain. Exercise and a healthy diet can help in weight and pain reduction.

  5. Maintain the Correct Posture: Posture can be one of the main reasons for back pain. Many people fail to realize that bad posture can cause irreversible damage to the spine. The posture of the back, especially while sitting and sleeping can decide the health of your spine.

    Sitting in a poor posture can put extra stress on the spine. Sleeping in a reclined position is good for relieving lower back pain. No matter what activity is being done, it is crucial to be aware of the posture of the body.

  6. Heating or Cooling Therapy: Using heating pads can help strained muscles and ligaments relax easily. It provides instant back pain relief.

    For external injuries, ice packs can be used for a few hours. Both heat and cold therapy are highly recommended as they can be externally applied.

  7. Massage: Getting regularly massaged by a professional can cause immense relief. It is rather important to find a masseuse who identifies your problem correctly.

    If the problem is mistaken for something else, the message can cause more damage than a cure.

  8. Alternative Medicine and Therapy: It is not wise to give up before knocking on every door possible. Alternative therapies like water therapy can work wonders. Warm water acts as a stress buster for muscles and tendons which is why many people opt for this therapy. Taking vitamin supplements make bones stronger and increasing resistance to diseases that cause pain.

    There are different kinds of acupuncture which is done locally, in the area of pain. It can also give immediate relief, even from chronic pain. Herbal therapy and alternative medicine like homeopathy have also been of help to many.

The are other reasons and possible causes for back pain, however we've also written a bit more information around Back Pain Relief - Best tips and tricks when it comes to recovery or relieving pain.