Is an Electric Foot Massagers good for you?

Relax with a good Foot Massage Machine

If you are looking for some serious at-home relaxation and rest, you can never beat a good foot massage, especially if you have been out and on your feet all day or perhaps just want to relax! Ease and relieve your aches, pains and stress - kick your pampering session up a few dials with a good foot massage. Deep kneading therapy, intermittent compression, soothing rotating massage with infrared heat. These are just some of the things a foot massage machine can do.
Our foot massage machine is intended to be used to stimulate muscles, joints in the foot, ankle and the lower leg. The electric foot massage uses a fantastic combination of Infrared heat therapy and manipulation compression.

The types of therapy available with the foot massager is fantastic for those who need help with pain relief, reduce swelling around their ankles and feet, muscle massage, improve their blood circulation or perhaps just relax.

Do Foot Massage Machine improve circulation?

The Med-Fit foot massage machine should help improve blood circulation but also relax your muscles and help you de-stress. The way our massager works is by activating a specific system called the lymphatic system. This activation helps you move any excess fluid in your feet or around your joints, this will naturally help reduce any swelling around the ankles and joints.
Our electric foot massage machine should be used around 10-20 minutes a day or more (depending on your preference), this should assist with improving your blood circulation.

For those who work out, our muscles around our foot may become impaired, swell and sometimes this happens when people wear uncomfortable shoes. The types of therapies available with our foot massage machine can help reduce the swelling, aching and pain around the foot but additionally improve circulation in the lower exterminates which is incredibly important for healing.

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Are Electric Foot Massagers good for you?

Coming home after a long day of working, exercise, walking or generally just needing something to help you relax – there is nothing like a relaxing foot massage to end the day on. There are a huge number of benefits associated with good foot health, and why investing in a good foot massage machine is a fantastic investment.

Just to name a few benefits associated with a foot massager:

• It can reduce tension and stress.
• A massage can improve your blood circulation.
• Improve your immune system.
• Increase your energy levels.
• Reduce aches and pain.
• Reduce swelling around joints and ankles.
• Also known to help with your mental health.

The benefits of our foot massager is that it comes with heat infrared therapy which allows the heat to go deeper into your body, in this instance, it helps your foot, leg and joints recover faster when injured but also relieves unwanted aches and pains.

How much is a foot massage machine?

Our Electric Foot Massager comes with a large number of features that improve your overall treatment to your feet. This ankle, foot and leg massager uses a mix of Shiatsu techniques that help improve your general blood flow, blood circulation, stimulate your muscles, improve muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, provide pain relief, helps with tired and swollen feet.

1. Deep Kneading therapy
2. Intermittent Compression
3. Soothing rotation
4. Infrared Heat Therapy
And several other Shiatsu Techniques.

Prices start at £119.99 for our latest Med-Fit Foot Massage Machine.