EMS Machines: Body building and Muscle Growth

EMS and how it Works

Electrical Muscle Stimulation or normally known as EMS or even E-stim is a device that sends an electrical pulse through the skin to help stimulate injured muscles, manipulate nerve to help reduce pain or even cause muscle contractions which may be a mix of the two.

EMS uses electrical pulses that almost mimic the action coming from neurons, these electrical currents target your nerves or your muscles. This type of therapy is predominately used for muscle recovery, sending signals to specific muscles you wish to target that helps them contract. This type of contraction helps improve blood flow and as a result repairs injured muscles far quicker than normal (without an EMS device).

Those in a bit of pain from a recent gym workout or heavy session may wish to use an EMS device or a Combination device to help with pain relief. Tens and EMS devices can help block pain receptors from being sent from your nerves to the brain which results in pain relief.


Can EMS be used for building muscle?

Many bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts seek a competitive advantage when using devices that help build muscle and recover faster. A lot of people turn to therapists that massage knots, pains and more out of their body, however it can be quite costly, and timing can also be quite key, which is why a lot of people are turning to EMS devices or Combined devices to allow them to complete this therapy themselves and speed up the process of recovery. 

Since EMS can control the contraction of muscles far longer than an athlete can do themselves, it’s a major positive when growing more muscle and enhancing their training sessions. An athlete naturally becomes mentally and physically tired during workouts and cannot sustain muscle contractions quite as long as an EMS device.

The devices can be used to prevent things like muscle atrophy during recovery from surgery or even when a limb is immobilized, especially as the device can help the muscle contract without moving the limb itself, which minimises pressure on the joints. The targeted muscles are still worked during therapy and therefore strengthened without risk of injury, thus maintaining muscle fitness during immobilised periods even potentially even rest days, allowing the athlete to pick up where they left off.

Further research around muscle stimulation 


Other Types of E-Stim Devices?

There are really two type of Electrical Stimulation devices available – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).

TENS – Tens Machines

Tens Machines are used chronic or long-term pain relief but can also be used for short term pain relief. You can find out more about the benefits of Tens Machines on our blog page.

EMS – Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This type of current is slightly stronger than Tens Machines as it’s aimed at contracting specific targeted muscles in the body. The EMS device electrodes (normally placed on the targeted area) cause contractions – this as mentioned above, improves the muscle strength and recovery of the user.


The name may give this away, but the Combined device is a combination of Tens and EMS, which could be the perfect style device for someone looking to have pain relief, if necessary, whilst enjoying the benefits of an Electrical Muscle Stimulation machine.