Do Posture Correctors Work?

Do Posture Correctors work?

Looking to correct your posture, but need a few questions answered first – well you have come to the right place. We answer all frequently asked questions below.

With many people now having to balance their everyday lives and working from home, it comes to no surprise that it is beginning to take its toll on people’s posture. A lot of people are now taking less time away from their desk, and if your set up at work is not the most ergonomic, it can certainly cause you to slouch and affect your lumbar spine and erector.

The problem with poor ergonomic set ups is the cumulative stress and load it puts on your joints and your muscles, basically it can do a fair bit of damage in the long run. This naturally will not be great news for your spine, but it will also negatively affect your muscular and cardiovascular systems.

Posture correctors work, however, we advise all our users to continue exercising to improve their overall posture and muscle strength.

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Are posture correctors safe?


Yes, posture correctors are safe to use. Posture correctors should only be used as a temporary aid, they should not be used over extended periods of time.

Wearing your brace for 15-30 minutes a day should be enough to help alleviate those muscles and get you back on track when striving for a natural posture. As mentioned above, before or after using the brace – we do advise performing exercises to strengthening the muscles further and improving your posture.


Are posture correctors good for you?


If following the right guide, yes, they do help you. As advised above, we do advise our users to follow our exercises that help strengthen the muscles further, as the posture brace begins placing your muscles, neck and back in the right place. The posture brace is a short-term solution (as you’re aiming at correcting your posture without the brace eventually) whilst you build you strengthen your muscles further with exercise.

Posture braces also offer some support to those who have injured joints, giving relief to the user, however, the posture aid should not be used to take the full weight of the of the wearer’s neck, shoulders or back. If used correctly, the brace will help the user feel less pain and attain more mobility.

A lot of posture correctors on the market are poor quality and some reviews on sites can be very dubious, so we advise users to search with caution. Before we begin selling our products, we try competitor products to understand how to better them and improve quality.


Can I wear a posture corrector all day?


We advise against wearing the posture corrector all day. We recommend wearing it on a schedule mixed with daily exercises designed to improve your posture alongside your posture aid. If you wear your brace for too long, there is a chance you may be weakening your muscles and atrophy and losing our on the benefits of the posture corrector.


Are posture correctors worth it? 


Absolutely. For those looking to strengthen their back, neck and shoulders alongside exercise and create scheduling and use of the aid, it is a great device to have.

There are a lot of products online that unfortunately do not help customers and potentially put them in a worser place (back pain etc) due to poor information and very poor-quality product.


Can I wear a posture corrector to bed?


Wearing a posture corrector in bed may get uncomfortable, but also as advised above, we do not recommend wearing it for prolonged periods of time. It is not recommended to wear a brace to sleep.


Can you wear a posture corrector while working out?


Short answer is yes, back braces hold your back up in the best position preventing strain. The lightweight brace is easy to use when working out or exercising.

Once you have trained or used the posture corrector for 15-30 minutes every day, your body will begin to adopt a better posture as a result of use and working out, so you won’t be needing the brace after several weeks.


Do posture correctors work long term?


Posture correctors are a short-term solution mixed with exercise to help strengthen your back, neck and shoulders with the aim of no longer needing the brace after several weeks.