What are the benefits of a Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine?

By Tens Machine UK Content Team  .  Last Updated Wednesday, 28th December 2022

What is an ultrasound machine?

Our Portable Ultrasound Machines are used for several different things, you can find more information on the benefits below. Usually when the average person thinks of an Ultrasound machine, many users will think of those that are used in pregnancy (images) and others may think of those that are used for Pain relief, reducing of scar tissue, improving blood circulation and much more.

The second thought is the correct one for our ultrasound machines. Our devices are used by professional therapists, physios, sports medicine professionals and individuals around the world.

Advantages of a portable ultrasound machine

Our Ultrasound Machine deliver a treatment to a targeted area – the treatment itself are high levels of sound waves that are used to penetrate deep into the skin or just below the skin depending on the MHz you decide to choose. The therapy promotes cellular repair and renewal which increases the blood flow to the treated spot, thus increasing the speed of healing. 

The MHz available are 1 MHz and 3 MHz – they both provide different treatments for different areas of the body.

The 1 MHz Ultrasound Machine is focused on providing effective pain relief – the machine has a maximum depth of 7.5cm for penetration of the skin. 

Our 3 MHz Ultrasound machine has a maximum depth of 2.5cm, this device is fantastic for skin care, reduction of acne and reduction of scar tissue and more.

What are the benefits of an Ultrasound Machine?

Our Portable Ultrasound Machines are fantastic for a whole load of benefits, again depending on which MHz device you decide to choose or whether you buy both.

These devices are known to do the following:

  • Pain Relief
  • Reduce Scar Tissue
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Reduction of Acne
  • Boosting Microcirculation and cell metabolism
  • Sciatica pain or similar chronic conditions
  • Sports Injuries
  • Knee Pains, Joints pains and similar
  • Reduce inflammation

and many more.

Why buy a Portable Ultrasound Machines?

Well apart from the numerous amounts of benefits above about our portable ultrasound devices, the devices themselves are wireless (unless of course you choose the wired ultrasound machine).

The mobility to use them almost anywhere is incredibly helpful, especially if you want to bring it somewhere with you (work or abroad) – the ultrasound device itself is easy to stow without the bag it comes in and the need for tons of wires.

Do not forget the Ultrasound Gel! – The Ultrasound Gel is critical when using the machine. As the portable ultrasound machine produces soundwaves that pass through the skin, it requires further help to ensure those soundwaves are penetrating the skin.

This is where our Ultrasound Gel is needed – the gel reduces the air between the user and the transducer (head of the Ultrasound device) allowing the sound waves to pass through the skin with no issues.

How much does an Ultrasound Machine cost?

Our Portable Ultrasound Machines cost between £90 - £150 per machine.

All our Ultrasound devices come with Ultrasound Gel.