About Us

The TENS+ Company are Manufactures and resellers of home medical equipment and products specialising in rehabilitation, massage and beauty.

We started out by manufacturing TENS Machines and Muscle Stimulators from our partner factory in Taiwan. In 2015 we acquired the leading TENS Brand Med-Fit to go in our portfolio of products.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength adding to our Market leading machines the Med-Fit 1, Med-Fit 3 and the Premier range of TENS. Our new wireless TENS was introduced in 2016 and improved in 2017 using the latest battery and Bluetooth technology offering the world’s best wireless TENS machine.

In 2015 we introduced the Med-Fit Pro Portable Ultrasound Machines, we noticed the effects of ultrasound in the rehabilitation market and wanted to create a powerful professional strength machine for home use, helping customers work alongside pain care professionals to get the best out of there treatment.

In 2016 we introduced to the range a powerful portable hand massager using our battery technology to create a professional strength massager you can use at home. Early this year we added to the range two Shiatsu neck and body massagers.

We are constantly looking and developing our product range to bring new products to the market with our goal of helping people get more out of life either with pain relief and comfort or our beauty products, helping people make a difference.